Angela Hoppe Kingston
born: Mumbles, Swansea, Wales

Studied Bath Academy of Art, Corsham 1955-58
Bath Academy of Art Travelling Scholarship 58

My work is based on a visual stimulus of organic forms and my response to the immediate personal world around me.
The FLOWER paintings have developed from intimate drawings and watercolours made while the plant evolves through different stages of its life cycle. This work is crucial to the final large abstracted forms. I'am constantly trying to understand the creation of the flower, trying to get behind the most obvious surface. As each plant goes through its own life-cycle, independent and together at the same time, changes in scale, shape and colour are used as a stimulus for my work, expessing the energy of life.
Each painting is about its own time - another time - a new time.. There is a rythm with no beginning or end.

The BEACH paintings are inspired by findings on my local beach. They are part of a series of works of feelings for the essence and sense of place. The marks and shapes, the secret symbols of time, are selected, abstracted and intuitively placed on the painting surface, ongoing, no edge, no end.

'Summer Garden'
'Garden (detail)'
'Garden (detail)'
'Beach (detail)'
'A rose by any other name'
'Last was January'
Garden 1 'a moment in time' 2007
Garden 2 'another time' 2007
Garden 3 'continuum' 2007