Born: Portsmouth

Resident: Goginan Aberystwyth

Heather Eastes

'Fragment Drawings' is Eastes' own term of choice for works on paper whose initial effect could persuade one that they were monochrome. She deploys simple materials sparingly; paper, graphite, white acrylic paint and, occasionally, fleeting tones of blue, red and brown convene into subtle and delicate works, of painterly vein - a pictorial cosmos that is wholly independent. It is the plane where the artist engages intensely with marks, stains and traces of colour and where, for her, they ignite association and memory; and in turn, through the working process, these emerge embodied, the protagonists of the scene.
Heathger Eastes' pictorial world is populated by faces, heads, bodies, obsessive visual recollections of early relationships and longings, mostly of childhood - with the fragile need of community and identity. An invocation of mythological archtypes, spirituality and religion, humans, beasts, and God wander through her universe. Metaphors, symbols for early, primal relationships and states, by the same token they reference the present world - Mother (as a goddess, or a distant bird), father(as a god, a devil, a dog), child, brother, sister, the male, the female, heaven and earth seek one another, destined to remain apart. UB/SR


'gift of soul'



'Egg Girl and Crow Portrait'

'In Arcadia 2008'

'Woodland Dancers 2010'


'Life Study on wood'