Eileen Allan

Glasgow School of Art



Eileen Allan was born in Glasgow. After service in the WRENS she studied drawing and painting at the Glasgow School of Art, married, taught and raised a family. Eileen has lived in Wales since 1967 taking a BEd. (hons) in 1972. After school teaching and then lecturing in the then Cardiff Institute of Higher Education she retired in 1987 to concentrate on painting. In addition to solo and small group exhibitions in Cardiff, London and Glasgow she has shown with the Welsh Group and VOGA in Wales and abroad as well as in the National Eisteddfod, the Wales Drawing Biennale and Welsh Artist of the year exhibitions.
'Lost', and other works on the same theme are a response to the barely discernable figures on the weathered panels of Roman triumphal arches which suggest vulnerability as well as endurance. The use of torn and manipulated tree rubbings is another source of found imagery which, reinforced with drawing, can be directed towards a theme, as in 'One of the Three Rheinfeldon Virgins'. Layering these images with water-coloured tissue enriched with pastel gives a dreamlike quality. Oil paint on panel proves more appropriate for a direct approach to observed reality.

'Tree Stumps Porth Kerry'

'Classical Echoes'

'Echoes from Kos'

'Reflecton in a window 1'

'Reflection in awindow 2'

'Masquerade '

'Dawn Light '