Jenny Allan





I'am intrigued by how humans make a meaning and in particular, by my own process. My work, therefore, is essentially autobiographical, using visual metaphors as a means of exploring and expressing my archaic and current intrapsychic and interpersonal experience.
Each of us interpret our experience of others and the world according to the blueprint we internalise during the beginning phases of our existence. This internalied 'map' is subsequently projected and used to make sense of the relationship we inhabit. Thus each of our realities is a subjective reconstuction of the original experience.
We can live our life maintaning the original constructs which are about 'then' or we can live our life creating new constructs which are in response to 'now'.
I'am most intrigued by what occurs on the interface between subjective reconstruction and attempts at a concensual reality.
Nothing exists until I create it and I cannot create it unless it already exists.


'There is a Game I Play with mirrors'

'Preparing to face the day'

'Reflecting on the meaning of existence'

'The Watcher'

'Looking for a View'

''If the Shoe Fits'