Born: Penmaen Gwent

Resident; Griffithstown Gwent

Caerleon Training College
Cardiff College of Art
University of Wales Cardiff

Exhibited wideley throughout UK and abroad
Newport Museum and Art Gallery
International Ceramics - Istanbul (SWP)
Amsterdam - IC (SWP)
Gross Innovations Chicago
Arts Council for Wales

Michael Organ


Michael Organ was born into a mining family in Penmaen, Gwent in 1939.He has worked in the county all his life. He studied at Caerleon Training College, Cardiff College of Art and the University of Wales. The accumulated experience of a career in art education for over thirty five years has undoubtedly informed his work as an artist.
The artist has been exhibiting since 1964. His work has been, and still is, an ongoing attempt to find tangible equivalents which define sensations of reality and personal solutions to the situation of art of the time.
The main themes of his work evolve from the intergration of disparate elements of memories, literature, mass media, the natural environment, cultural sign offerings and not least, art,craft and design history. He has no qualms about re-rendering styles or adopting techniques from historical sources or other cultures. Intuition and spontaneity are vital and at the heart of the work. Various configurations are employed to fix a relationship between ideas and formal values. The end results can sometimes be agreeably ambiguous and unpredictable but remain open to a free interpretation by the spectator.

'A Shaman with the Fear of Flying '

'Rare Appearance of the Shaman'
Keeper of the Magic Flutes.

'I'am Every Woman'

'Pillar (Stylyte)

'The Darling Loreley' 2004

'Man Rock'


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