Questions (1) 22.02.05


Pip Woolf

Questions (1) 22.02.05

My formal education background is a mixture of arts and science. I loved biology and have retained a quiet commitment to finding my own ways to respect the natural environment of which I am an integral part. This commitment surfaces through my art practice. The relationship to physical context often influencing the way I approach different projects, use materials and undertake commissions.

Drawing is primal for me. My work grows from this fundamental and involves the use of elemental processes: I am curious about the nature of the material world, the 'stuff' of which it is formed and how, by using this stuff with as little meditation as possible I can create work which enables audiences to make new connections to their own physical world.

I experiment using forms of the elemental forces that actually made my subjects. My research involves the creation of an artist book entitled 'Water Power' where images will be made through the use of different forms of water power.

Questions (1) 22.02.05

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