Thomasin Toohie

Hereford College of Art & Design
Chapter Arts Centre - Animation Course
Scarborough University College MA (Painting)

Photography: Geraint Jones



Thomasin Toohie

The paintings are about the spirit of place. They have an ambiguous narrative often with a contemplative atmosphere. The painters I look at and admire include Edward Hopper, John Constable and Richard Estes.
I am interested in the craft of painting and use observational drawing and memory as reference. Places I visit become starting points for pieces of work. A story surrounding that place then formulates in my mind. I like to go beyond the topographical.
I am also a ceramicist making figurative fine art pieces. As with paintings the ceramics have their beginnings in everyday experiences. The clay used is white earthenware providing a paintable surface which I enjoy using as a 3D painting. I incorporate reference from popular culture which I hope has a resonance for many people.

'Bridging the Gap 2007'

'Towards Merthyr Mawr 2006

'Building by the Sea' 2006

'Waiting for Arrow'

'Ceramic Call the Sheriff 2oo4

'How we Dreamed America'

'Cloud over the Eifel'

'Ancient Sites'

'Barry Island'

'Business Man's Dilemma'

'Arc de Triomphe'



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